SweetheART Painting/Sale Event! in Wickford

Sunday, February 5th
Rate: $30
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Friday, February 10th
Rate: $30
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Paint a Rose Still Life on an 11″ x 14″ canvas and Shop with us at our Wickford Art Gallery!


Create Art With Love! in Smithfield

Saturday, February 4th
Rate: $85
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Create Art With Love is a fun artist workshop that explores the love of creating art using many art techniques and styles! Artists will glaze a heart design on a ceramic mug and learn about graphic design letter styles to design their own posters inspired by artist Robert Indiana. They will also learn about mixed media art when they create string paintings!


Go WILD With Art! in Smithfield

Tuesday, February 21st
Rate: $95
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This 4 hour workshop will be roaring with art fun when our artists learn about a variety of ways to create art with fun, lively animals as their studies! We will glaze mugs inspired by the art of Henri Rousseau, paint a 11 x 14 inch canvas with collaging of a zebra and draw a giraffe portrait using oil pastel.


Mix It Up Media! in Smithfield

Wednesday, February 22nd
Rate: $135
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This full day workshop is a fun packed and engaging day of art styles and media! It will be exploring handbuilding and glazing ceramic techniques plus drawing and string painting mixed media methods.