Scout Badges

Scout Badges

Earn your Art Badge with us

at Blue Door Studio!!!! 

Fun and exciting way for scouts to earn their paint badges!  It’s also a relaxing way for troop leaders to help their brownie troop earn their paint badges!  

We also offer a variety of other Art badge offerings!  

Let us know which badge you are interested in!


  • Your troop will learn about a famous painter and his or her painting style!
  • We will introduce the scouts to the chosen artist ,using visuals, to facilitate a group discussion about the chosen artist painting!
  • What artist would you like to learn about? Choose from our selection below or custom design a theme for your paint party (custom theme cost: additional  $25  cost)

                 Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night (landscape)

 Henri Matisse (still life)

 Frida Karhlo (self portraits)

  • Create a 11” x 14” canvas board painting using acrylic paints, brushes and tabletop easels with the guidance of of 2 instructors
  • All guests leave with their own completed paintings

Cost for a 2 hour party:

$25 per guest, 10 guest minimum