Follow CCV Art by Claudia Crudele Venditto on Instagram at CCV_ART12.  Art pieces are available for purchase and for rental to stage designers.

Claudia Venditto is the founder and owner of the Blue Door Studio.  She received her Masters in Arts of Teaching in 1995 from Rhode Island School of Design. She is a certified Visual Arts Educator for the city of Cranston and has enjoyed teaching there for 20+ years.  She has thirteen years of experience working with elementary school students and over seven years of experience working with high school students.  She has also volunteered her teaching services as a cooperating teacher for the Rhode Island School of Design and Rhode Island College teaching programs.

Claudia enjoys being a mother to her two beautiful daughters.  She also enjoys painting with  acrylics and making collages and mixed media pieces in her free time.  She won first place, for her Jazz Musicians painting at the juried Wickford Art Association opening, The Blues, in June 2013 and second place for her Sea Beneath mixed media piece at the juried Wickford Art Association opening , Art of the Ocean State, in July 2013. Her piece, Amazing Grace also received first place in the juried Wickford Art Association opening called The Blues 2016. Claudia participates in the South County Art Association  juried art exhibits often as well. “I strongly feel that the purest form of art comes from the inner being of the individual.  The purest form is the most powerful, for the artist and the viewer.”- Claudia Venditto

Claudia Venditto also markets her CCV art pieces , like Waterfall seen below, to local home stagers and interior designers for purchase and rentals in their designs.  Her pieces can be found for sale and rentals on her Instagram account. 

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Art piece, Waterfall,  by Claudia Venditto featured in Boston Globe article





Amazing Grace Acrylics, 18" x 36"

Amazing Grace
Acrylics, 18″ x 36″