Daytime PRE-K Classes (Smithfield)


Read and Make Art with Me! (Ages 2-4) in Smithfield

Tuesdays: Feb 27 – Apr 16
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Each week we will read beautiful, fun, and inspiring books, and create a drawing or painting based on the chosen story of the day! AND…adults will be creative participants! Please note, only one adult per enrolled artist. 


Little Artists (Ages 4-6) in Smithfield

Tuesdays: Feb 27 – Apr 16
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Art Imagination Centers is all about exploration of art media, literacy and movement! We will explore a book each workshop day and carry the storybook’s theme throughout our centers which  will include easel painting, sensory play, music and movement, plus much more!


Homeschool Classes (Smithfield)


Winter Homeschool Classes (Ages 7-12) in Smithfield

Wednesdays: Feb 28 – Apr 17
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Learn life time art skills to grow with that will help you develop your individualized goals as an artist! This action packed art class focuses on this age group’s multi-sensory approach to learning while implementing skills and techniques of shading,color theory and ceramics! Our artists will also expand upon their use of art vocabulary when they learn about the design elements of line, shape, textures and color seen in the works  of master artists: Picasso, Miro, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and many more! They will also be encouraged to discuss their ideas that they used in their thematic drawings, paintings and sculptures with their fellow home-schooled art students!


Daytime ADULT Classes (Smithfield)


Adult Drawing and Painting (Ages 18+) in Smithfield

Tuesdays: Feb 27 – Apr 16
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FOR THE BEGINNER: This class is designed with the beginner adult in mind! We will introduce our beginner students to the basics of drawing with the use of graphite and charcoal media during observational drawing and shading lessons before learning about color theory painting. Students are guided through the fundamentals of drawing to help them build their confidence in their art making skills and successfully prepare for their painting lessons! Students’ first 4 week session usually includes more drawing lessons than the painting lessons! We believe drawing is the foundation to all art forms!

FOR THE ADVANCED: This class offers continuous learning opportunities to our students as the students advance their skills from session to session! Drawing and painting lessons are included throughout these sessions.


Adult Ceramics (18+) in Smithfield 

Tuesdays: Feb 28 – Apr 17
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Students will learn how to build with clay by using hand building methods to make relief sculptures, coil pots, slab boxes AND learn how to throw on the pottery wheel. This class is for beginner and advanced levels.

*For ALL Ceramics Classes: Ceramics fee includes up to 1/2 bag of clay, glazes, and firing. Additional 1/2 bags of clay can be purchased, along with the additional glazes that will be needed for $25.