Scout Badges

Scout Badges

Earn your Art Badge with us

at Blue Door Studio!!!! 

We also offer Pottery Badge Classes!

Fun and exciting way for scouts to earn their paint badges!  It’s also a relaxing way for troop leaders to help their brownie troop earn their paint badges!  


  • Your troop will learn about a famous painter and his or her painting style!
  • We will introduce the scouts to the chosen artist ,using visuals, to facilitate a group discussion about the chosen artist painting!
  • What artist would you like to learn about? Choose from our selection below or custom design a theme for your paint party (custom theme cost: additional  $25  cost)

                 Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night (landscape)

 Henri Matisse (still life)

 Frida Karhlo (self portraits)

  • Create a 11” x 14” canvas board painting using acrylic paints, brushes and tabletop easels with the guidance of of 2 instructors
  • All guests leave with their own completed paintings

Cost for a 2 hour party:

$25 per guest, 10 guest minimum