The Art of Communication
Art Social Workshop

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Ages: 8-12

July 12th , 18th, 26th and Aug 2nd

Minimum Class size: 3 students
Cost : $320

Is your child painfully shy and quiet in social settings? Is your child one who likes to have all the attention? Do you know parents who are struggling to find a motivating, natural setting for their child to further develop social skills? This workshop is specifically designed for typically developing children who may experience social challenges due to shyness, temperament or worries about being assertive and face social challenges on a daily basis.

This workshop, which combines the child’s creative spirit with the art of communication is for your child. It was created by art specialist, Claudia Venditto, and speech-language pathologist, Carla Woloohojian. The workshop will focus on summer social themes such as going to the beach, planning a cook-out, playing games in a backyard, and water-fun activities and back-to-school topics. It will incorporate exciting art projects, hands-on activities, and role-playing incorporating components from the program SCERTS which targets social communication skills. The focus of this program is to target meaningful and purposeful communication in a natural setting using a flexible teaching approach.


A New Art Camp Offering!
Draw and Paint ( ages 5- 10)- Aug 6th,7th & 8th, 9am-12pm
Cost: $140
~all materials included~

Students will focus on drawing and painting techniques when they use pencil and charcoal mediums to create value studies of three dimensional objects arranged in a still life for them.  The students will learn about the still life of Joseph Morandi as they create their value study of three dimensional forms.  They will also learn about color theory when they learn about the color families on the color wheel before they create a still life painting of objects that they bring from to study and paint! All materials included (canvas boards too!)