1. To register for classes, please click register here” to create an account and select the class you are signing up for. 
2. Payment can be made through Venmo or cash/check.
3. If applicable, Click on the link (Anaphylaxis Plan) below to view and print the form.

Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan

Please Note:
1. We require completed registration forms and full payments for our classes and camps as your child’s reservation. 
2. Please make us aware of your child’s allergies, if any. Please complete the anaphylaxis emergency action plan, if need be and submit prior to the start of class.


Methods of Payment: We are presently accepting payments prior to the start of classes via Venmo, check via postal, or cash. 


Please contact us for our profile information and we will also provide that info in your registration confirmation email.
Call 401-349-2812 if you have any questions. Thank you.


Payment Policy for Classes, Camps, and Workshops: If a payment is made and a request for reimbursement is made prior to the start of a camp/class/workshop, Blue Door Studio will consider the reimbursement based on the timing of the reimbursement request and the number of enrollments in the class/camp/workshop. Each reimbursement request will be responded to as individual requests and will be addressed accordingly.