Drawing and Painting I (Ages 9-13)

Choose option: Wednesdays or Saturdays!

Wednesdays: June 22, 2022-August 17, 2022
(8 classes)


Saturdays: June 25, 2022-August 20, 2022
(8 classes)
9:00am – 11:00am

This class is an introductory class that focuses on the development of our students’ drawing and painting skills. Their drawings come to life when they learn how to create art pieces with shading skills and color theory! This class progresses students of all levels, allowing the students to experience a variety of media and lessons from each of these sequential eight-week sessions. The students’ lessons will focus on the use of design elements and principles of art, artist inspirations and compositional skills as they simultaneously advance their  drawing and painting skills. They will be introduced to a variety of drawing media (pencil, ink, etc.) throughout various lessons. Drawing and painting from observation is also strongly encouraged in order to help train their artist eyes as they draw and paint from life as they explore still life, portraits and much more as they journey through each sequenced session!

Please note:  Students are divided into age groups within this class to meet the developmental and social needs of students in the class.

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Drawing and Painting II (Ages 14-17)

Thursdays: June 23, 2022 – August 18, 2022
(8 classes)

This high school level class is for students of all levels and previous art experiences, and who are eager to further develop their drawing and painting skills. Students will advance their drawing skills through the use of various drawing media (pencil, pen and ink, charcoal and chalks) and techniques (contour line drawing, shading and color blending ) when they explore the traditional subject matter of still life, landscapes and figure portraiture. They will also develop their painting skills when they use their understanding of color theory (color wheel, value, warm and cool colors, intermediate and complementary colors) in their work. Various styles of artists will be shown to inspire the students’ conceptual thinking skills, as well as their use of technical skills in their own creations. The students are given many opportunities to choose their own subject matter and media for their drawings and paintings in this class!  This is a great class for students interested in the possible opportunity of participating in RI Scholastics Art and Writing Competition and the Jim Langevin Art Competition each year. This is also a great course for students  interested in creating an art portfolio for college.

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