Birthday Art Parties

Celebrate at the Blue Door Studio!

Your child will be the guest of honor! Who is his or her favorite artist?  What is his or her favorite art style?  What’s his or her favorite medium?  Your child may choose an art lesson of his or her choice from our list of  ART Party  lessons!

Does your child have his or her theme in mind? We can custom design a lesson for your child based on his or her interests- sports, flowers, outer space… (please see our price list)

First, your child will be celebrated by friends as they create a collaborative birthday canvas painting special for him or her when they arrive at the studio.  Then, the children will gather together and learn about the chosen artist and art project through the use of visual references.  In the studio, students will create their works of art.  When they are done, it’s cake time!



ART Party Lessons!  Choose one!

Victorian Tea Sets ( ages 5-7) – Collage art piece made with fancy printed paper, glitter glue and sequins on a canvas board!

Bubbles Everywhere! (ages 5-8)  Kids love bubbles and will love bubbles floating around them in the studio as they create bubble printed paper designs using bubble wands and bubble paint mixtures!  We will have fun drawing bubbles , painting with bubbles and printing with bubble stamps!

Race Car Pantings!  (ages 5-8) On your Mark,Get set Go!  Students will have fun using Matchbox  cars to paint their race tracks in their art pieces.  They will also enjoy paintng wood cut-outs of cars to add to their canvas board paintings!!

Eric Carle Butterflies (ages 5-7)  Students will learn about the tissue paper collages of  Eric Carle when they create their bold vibrant butterflies with tissue paper and paint printing tools!

Rain Forest Animals (ages 6-10)  Students will learn about the art of Henri Rousseau when they create their watercolor and oil pastel scenes of rain forests!

Van Gogh Starry Nights ( ages 5-8)  Students will leave the studio with masterpiece art ! We will introduce the students to the  art of Vincent VanGogh prior to making our own Starry Night landscapes!

Matisse Still Life ( ages 8-12)  Students will learn about Henri Matisse when they create their own still paintings, on canvas boards, using vibrant colors and patterns to depict the still life arrangement set before them!

Sun Catchers - as seen on this web page!  ( ages 8-12)  Students will create sun catcher mobiles using CD disks , beads and sequins!  Each CD captures the beauty of the students’ designs and reflective light to create a fun colorful hanging art piece!

Pop Art! (ages 8-12)  Pop Art is now!  We will use familiar images of our Pop culture to capture the attention of the students and to help inspire their ideas for a pop art piece that uses the dot painting technique of Roy Lichenstein.

Our Price List

    • Parties are two hours long for children ages 7 and under! (Cost:325)
    • Parties are two and half hours long for children ages 8 and up! (Cost:$335)
    • Custom Design Themed Parties: additional cost of $20
    • Extra time following the allotted time of the party is $50/ half hour
    • Parties Include:
    •  An art lesson, party favors for each guest (with a Blue Door Studio gift certificate), a painted canvas board painting (created by all the birthday party guests) and a  Blue Door Studio t-shirt for the birthday person
    • Paper goods, food and  drinks must be supplied by parent /guardian
    • A policy form must be completed by parent/guardian
    • A $50 non-refundable deposit required